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Life is just beginning

Comfort Orthopedic Co., Ltd established in 1978, started as a wheelchair manufacturer. Over the past 40 years Comfort worked with many famous companies in Europe and North America as an OEM/ODM business partner, providing products of outstanding quality. With Innovation as the driving force to provide better products, Comfort developed a number of different product lines, including lightweight aluminum wheelchairs, power chairs, electric scooters and, the most important one, the standing chair. In 2003, Comfort began to promote its own brand name “Comfort” to the main market. Owing to the products’ superior quality and design, Comfort quickly occupied significant market share. The OBM business grew rapidly from 5% up to 50% compared to the OEM/ODM business in the past 10 years. With a long term vision, Comfort has created a business plan that includes many far reaching goals for the company, for the next 10 years. Our Brand Concept reflects Comfort's core values which is the essence of running business.



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Easy to store

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Weight Capacity ≥100kg

Product List

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