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Comfort Lightweight Transport Wheelchair L1-612

The L1-612 is an ultra-light transport wheelchair, weighing only 10.8 kg. It’s an ideal travel companion for those who frequently travel with an attendant

The Comfort Lightweight Transport Wheelchair L1-612 is designed for users who prioritize portability and ease of use. Weighing in at just around 10.8kg, it's one of the lightest wheelchairs on the market, making it a perfect choice for frequent travelers who rely on a caregiver for assistance.

The L1-612 boasts a user-friendly design with a breathable air mesh seat that keeps you cool and comfortable, a folding backrest for compact storage, and a curve in the side frame that allows for effortless transfers. Dual brakes ensure safe and convenient stopping, while the aluminum frame offers a balance of durability and lightness.

Lightweight Design

At just 10.8kg, the L1-612 is a featherweight transport wheelchair! This makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and fold up, perfect for those who travel often with a caregiver by their side.

Dual Brace Structure

Built with a strong double frame, the L1-612 provides a smooth and stable ride, minimizing wobbles during movement.

Double Handbrake Design

Equipped with dual braking systems, the L1-612 prioritizes your safety. This double braking mechanism offers a reliable way to stop the wheelchair, giving you and your caregiver greater control over movement.

6" Durable PU Tire

This wheelchair rolls on tough, six-inch polyurethane tires. These tires are built to last, offering increased durability and a smooth ride, even when encountering bumps or uneven surfaces.

Foldable Backrest

Folds flat for easy storage on-the-go! The L1-612's backrest conveniently folds down, making it more compact and easier to stow in a car or other small spaces.

Safety Belt

For added security, the L1-612 comes equipped with a safety belt. This belt helps keep you securely positioned in the chair, promoting increased stability and peace of mind during rides

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