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The Comfort K7 Bariatric Aluminium Wheelchair is a lightweight wheelchair designed for larger users. It has a wider seat than standard wheelchairs and a higher weight capacity. The aluminum frame makes it easy to maneuver and transport.

The Comfort K7 Bariatric Aluminium Wheelchair is a reliable mobility option for users requiring additional support. Crafted in Taiwan, it boasts a lightweight aluminum frame that ensures easy handling and maneuverability, both for the user and caregiver. This translates to smoother rides indoors and out.

The K7 Bariatric shines in its size inclusivity. It features a wider seat width compared to standard wheelchairs, providing increased comfort and better accommodation for larger users. Additionally, its reinforced frame boasts a higher weight capacity, ensuring a safe and secure experience.

Easy Click Flip-Back Armrests

The Comfort K7 Bariatric Aluminium Wheelchair features easy click flip-back armrests that allow for smoother transfers and closer access to tables or desks.

Hand Proper Shape Arm Pads

The Comfort K7 Bariatric Wheelchair offers hand-shaped arm pads to help users with limited strength comfortably push themselves up for standing transfers.

Detachable Swing-Away Footrests

The Comfort K7 Bariatric Wheelchair features detachable swing-away footrests for easy tool-free removal, improving user transfers and accessibility.

Anti Tipper with Roller

The Comfort K7 Bariatric Wheelchair includes an anti-tipper with roller for added stability. This prevents the chair from tipping backwards, ensuring a safer ride.

Maximum safety

The Comfort K7 Bariatric Wheelchair prioritizes user safety through rigorous testing. This includes checks for strength, stability, and user impact, ensuring a reliable and secure wheelchair.

ErgoMax Comfort

The Comfort K7 Bariatric Wheelchair boasts Ergomax Comfort. Designed by occupational therapists over 10 years, this ergonomic build provides pressure relief for extended sitting comfort.

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