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L2 Lightweight Prescriptions Wheelchair 18Inch

Introducing the L2 Lightweight Prescriptions Wheelchair, where innovation meets comfort seamlessly. This wheelchair stands out with its adjustable features, lightweight design, and robust durability. Tailored for users seeking personalized support and effortless mobility, the L2 is a perfect choice that harmonizes innovation with comfort, enhancing your overall wheelchair experience.

The L2 Prescriptions Wheelchair stands out as an exceptional model, known for its remarkable lightweight design. This wheelchair offers a superior level of comfort, ensuring optimal user support and alleviating postural discomfort through its optimal seat angle. One of its key advantages is the ability to customize the height and seat depth, allowing users to achieve personalized comfort.

The cutting-edge technology employed in this wheelchair maintains its lightweight construction at a mere 13.4kg while still supporting a weight capacity of 140kg, emphasizing both its lightweight nature and remarkable durability.

However, its advantages do not end there. This lightweight wheelchair also features convenient flip-up armrests and swing-away footrests, enabling effortless transportation of patients between cars or beds, free from any hindrances. The high-durability wheels ensure long-lasting performance without significant wear, making it effortless to manoeuvre the wheelchair smoothly.

In summary, the L2 Prescriptions Wheelchair excels in its combination of lightweight design, personalized comfort, and seamless mobility, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking both durability and ease of use.

ErgoMax Comfort

Ergonomic wheelchair structure designed by dedicated occupational therapist over the course of ten years. It offers essential pressure relief, ensuring optimal comfort for wheelchair users.

Easy Click Flip-Back Armrests

With just a simple click, these armrests effortlessly flip back, allowing easy access to and from the wheelchair. It also enables users to roll closer to tables or desks without any hindrances.

Detachable Swing-Away Footrests

Offering convenient transfer options, these footrests can be easily detached without the need for any tools. They enhance the wheelchair's accessibility for users when getting on or off.

Comfort Technology

Our innovative technology has led us to create a lightweight wheelchair weighing just 13.4kg, while still maintaining a high weight capacity of 140kg. This ensures both portable and durability.

Durable Structure

All our wheelchairs undergo rigorous testing in accordance with ISO 7176-8 international standards. These tests, including drum, drop, and impact evaluations, guarantee the wheelchair's long-lasting sturdiness.

Fast & Continuous Adjustment

The L2 wheelchair offers adjustable seat height and depth, allowing for personalized comfort tailored to the patient's needs.
Seat height: 460/485/510mm
Seat Depth: 400/430/460mm

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