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K9-Steel Recliner Steel Wheelchair

Embark on a transformative journey of comfort and mobility with the K9-Steel Recliner Wheelchair. This wheelchair, meticulously crafted with precision, goes beyond conventional expectations, offering a variety of seat widths to cater to diverse user needs. Ideal for long-term users and stroke recovery, its thoughtful features include detachable armrests, a recline function, and adjustable leg support—ensuring not just convenience but an elevated level of comfort tailored to your unique requirements.

Embark on a transformative experience with the Comfort Wheelchair, a remarkable embodiment of Taiwan's renowned craftsmanship. Introducing the K9 series, a standard version of our exceptional recline series, meticulously designed to cater to long-term users and stroke patients. K9 offering a range of seat widths, including 16", 18", 20", 22" & 24" to ensures optimal comfort for patients of different sizes. This wheelchair boasts full detachable armrests and elevating leg rests, ensuring utmost convenience during transfers. With its ergonomic headrest and adjustable backrest, users can enjoy unparalleled comfort whether sitting upright or reclining in a relaxed position.

Experience the exceptional K9-Steel Recliner Wheelchair, a testament to Taiwan's craftsmanship. Tailored for users with diverse needs, it offers customizable features such as detachable armrests, a reclining backrest, and adjustable leg support. With its sturdy yet lightweight design, it's the perfect choice for those seeking comfort and durability.

Easy Turn Detachable Armrest

Fully detachable armrests offer greater convenience when transferring to and from the wheelchair.

Detachable & Swing away Leg Rest

Fully detachable & Swing away Leg Rest offer greater convenience when transferring to and from the wheelchair.

Recline Function

Recline smoothly from 140 to 175 degree, provide optimal pressure relief and positioning.

Comfort Technology

Innovative technology has led to create a steel lightweight wheelchair weighing just 24.4kg, with a high weight capacity of 140kg.

Elevating Leg Rest

The leg rest angle can be adjusted for better leg support when reclining.

Durable Structure

Undergo rigorous testing in accordance with ISO 7176-8 international standards. These tests, including drum, drop, and impact evaluations.

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