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Apex Domus 3 Tubular Ripple Mattress | Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Apex Domus 3 Tubular Ripple Mattress is designed for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcer. Thus, it is suitable for bedridden patients at high risk of pressure ulcer. With clear weight indicator reference, Apex Domus 3 is easy to use.

At the forefront of cutting-edge healthcare technology, the Apex Domus 3 Tubular Ripple Mattress has been meticulously designed to address the paramount concerns surrounding the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

This extraordinary mattress serves as a testament to unwavering innovation, setting a new standard in patient care. Its primary focus is on providing an advanced solution for bedridden patients at elevated risk of pressure ulcers, offering unparalleled support and comfort. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in the critical stages of post-operative recovery, ensuring that patients experience a therapeutic and conducive environment for healing.

Intricately engineered to meet the diverse needs of individuals requiring specialized care, the Apex Domus 3 Tubular Ripple Mattress stands out as an indispensable asset in the realm of healthcare. The fusion of technological sophistication and a patient-centric approach defines its uniqueness. Beyond its role in pressure ulcer prevention, this mattress embodies a commitment to holistic well-being, promising a seamless integration of advanced features tailored to enhance both comfort and therapeutic efficacy.

As we delve into the distinctive attributes of the Apex Domus 3, it becomes evident that this mattress is not merely a medical device; it is a symbol of transformative care, redefining the standards of patient experience and recovery.

Superior Medical Grade and MDA Certified:

Embrace the assurance of medical excellence with the Apex Domus 3, crafted with superior medical-grade materials. Certified by the Medical Device Authority (MDA), it aligns with stringent quality standards, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.

Dual Therapy Modes for Customized Care:

Dual Therapy Modes for Customized Care:

Experience versatility in care with dual therapy modes. The alternating mode redistributes pressure, while the static function facilitates repositioning and transfers. Tailor the therapeutic approach to individual needs with this dynamic feature.

Ventilated Low Air Loss Cells:

Prioritize skin health with ventilated low air loss cells. This innovative design fosters optimal air ventilation, significantly reducing the risk of skin breakage. The Apex Domus 3 goes beyond support; it actively promotes skin well-being.

Weight Indicator Reference for Precision:

Facilitate precision in care with the weight indicator reference. This feature enables optimized pressure setting, ensuring tailored support for patients. The mattress boasts a substantial weight capacity, supporting individuals weighing up to 180kg.

Medical Grade Quality with Durable Materials:

The Apex Domus 3 combines durability and comfort seamlessly. Crafted from nylon/PU tubular and cover, it exemplifies medical-grade quality. The material is not only durable but also water-resistant, enhancing its suitability for a variety of healthcare settings.

Low Pressure Alarm for Enhanced Safety:

Prioritize patient safety with the inclusion of a low-pressure alarm. The Apex Domus 3 ensures heightened safety awareness through visual and audible alarms, fostering a secure environment for patients.

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