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Apex Air Mattress Tubular Domus 2

Apex Domus 2 Tubular Ripple Mattress is a valuable overlay system designed for prevention and treatment of patients at low to medium risk of pressure ulcers. By having a series of individual cells inflate and deflate alternatively cycles, the pressure is periodically redistributed by inflating and deflating cells in order to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and avoid long term pressurization of tissue.

The Apex Domus 2 Tubular Ripple Mattress redefines pressure ulcer care with its innovative design tailored for individuals at low to medium risk. Employing a dynamic system of alternating cell inflation and deflation, mirroring natural sleep movement, the mattress not only redistributes pressure but also minimizes the risk of long-term tissue pressurization, ensuring enhanced comfort.

With a cutting-edge 1-in-3 alternating overlay system, the mattress releases pressure up to 130%, complemented by 16 internal ventilation holes that reduce skin breakage risk by an impressive 50%.

The silent air pump, featuring a weight indicator reference, fosters a serene sleeping environment and enables caregivers to make precise pressure adjustments based on individual patient weights. Certified by the Medical Device Authority (MDA) and backed by a 1-year warranty on the motor pump, the Apex Domus 2 stands as a symbol of safety, efficacy, and adaptability in pressure ulcer management, setting a new standard for comprehensive patient care.

Suitable for :
- Patient who has developed stage 1 to stage 4 injury 褥疮患者
- Bedridden patient 长期卧床的病患
- Post-operation 手术后复原

Advanced Alternating Overlay System:

The mattress boasts a 1-in-3 alternating overlay system, releasing pressure up to 130%. This innovative feature utilizes a series of individual cells that inflate and deflate in a rhythmic cycle, mimicking natural sleep movements. This not only enhances overall comfort but also effectively redistributes pressure, minimizing the risk of long-term tissue pressurization.

Optimal Ventilation

Equipped with 16 internal ventilation holes, the Apex Domus 2 prioritizes skin health by reducing the risk of skin breakage by an impressive 50%. This advanced ventilation system ensures optimal air circulation, fostering a healthy environment for the patient.

Silent Air Pump with Weight Indicator

The mattress features a silent air pump that contributes to a tranquil sleeping environment. The added convenience of a weight indicator reference empowers caregivers to make precise pressure adjustments based on the individual weight of the patient, enhancing customization and effectiveness of the treatment.

Medical-Grade Quality

Crafted from superior medical-grade materials, including nylon/PU tubular and cover, the Apex Domus 2 ensures both durability and comfort. The medical-grade design minimizes concerns related to skin allergies, providing a secure and reliable solution for prolonged use.

Waterproof and Durable

The mattress is not only waterproof but also exceptionally durable. This feature adds practicality to its design, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance for caregivers, making it a reliable and efficient choice for pressure ulcer management.

Interchangeable Tubular Design

Unique to the Apex Domus 2 is its interchangeable tubular design, offering users the flexibility to exchange or repair components as needed. This feature enhances convenience and prolongs the lifespan of the mattress, ensuring a cost-effective and user-friendly solution.

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