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Anzen Tripod Cane Seat

Anzen foldable tripod cane seat is a great purchase that makes mobility easy. It is efficient as well as versatile for those who need help in walking usual distance and take occasional breaks after a while.

The Anzen Tripod Cane Seat (Model: BA638) is a versatile mobility aid designed for individuals requiring walking support and the convenience of a restful seat. Crafted with robust metallic ionized blue 1.2mm aluminum tubing, it ensures durability and stability, complemented by a PP seat surface for maximum comfort during breaks. Slip-resistant rubber tips enhance safety, providing a secure foothold.

Weighing only 0.81kg, this 2-in-1 device seamlessly transitions from a walking support to a comfortable seat, offering users lightweight portability and ergonomic design. The form handgrip ensures a secure hold and slip resistance, catering to the needs of the elderly or anyone seeking a brief respite during extended periods of standing. An ideal combination of support and convenience, the Anzen Tripod Cane Seat is a reliable companion for daily activities.

Superior Quality Construction

Durability Assured: Crafted with 1.2mm aluminum tubing in a metallic ionized blue color, the tripod cane seat guarantees superior quality and durability.

Comfortable Seat Surface

Enhanced Comfort: The PP seat surface is designed to provide maximum comfort during breaks, ensuring a relaxing experience for the user.

Ultimate Safety

Secure Footing: The inclusion of slip-resistant rubber tips adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring stability and preventing slips during use.

Lightweight & Portable

On-the-Go Convenience: Weighing only 0.81kg, this mobility aid is lightweight and easily portable, making it convenient for users on the move.

2-in-1 Functionality

Versatile Use: The tripod cane seat serves a dual purpose, functioning as both a walking support and a comfortable seat, providing versatility for users.

Form Handgrip for Slip-Resistance

Secure Grip: The ergonomically designed handgrip ensures a secure hold, enhancing user confidence and minimizing the risk of slipping.

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