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Anzen 2 In 1 Walking Frame

Anzen 2 IN 1 walking frame is a type of mobility aid with a better balancing and broader base of support that allow 2 types of motion, Fixed, and Reciprocal. The removable "E Clips" will allow the frame to be fixed or reciprocal mirroring the user's steps, giving complete stability, and maximum freedom of movement. It is recommended for patients who can bear weight on both legs but weak and lack of confidence in walking.

Offering enhanced balance and a broader support base. Its unique design allows both fixed and reciprocal motion, adjustable through the "E Clips", providing users with complete stability and maximum freedom of movement. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who can bear weight on both legs but lack confidence in walking independently.

Crafted from 1.2mm metallic ionized blue-colored aluminum tubing, this walking frame not only ensures superior quality but also promotes proper posture with its adjustable height feature. The inclusion of a release button, ergonomic grip handle, and slip-resistant rubber tips further enhances user comfort and safety..

Superior Quality

The walking frame is constructed with precision using durable 1.2mm metallic ionized blue aluminum tubing, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Adjustable Height

Customize the frame to your preferred height, allowing for proper posture and personalized comfort during use.

Convenient Release Button

Enhance user convenience with an easy-to-use release mechanism, making folding and storage a breeze.

Ergonomic Grip Handle

The frame features a comfortable grip handle, providing users with a secure and ergonomic hold for extended use.

Complete Stability

With a broad base and the capability for both fixed and reciprocal motion, the walking frame ensures stability and confidence during each step.

Slip-Resistant Rubber Tips

Ultimate safety is assured with slip-resistant rubber tips, offering a secure grip on various surfaces and preventing accidental slips or falls.

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