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Anzen Aluminium Shoulder Crutches Adult

Anzen aluminium shoulder crutches are underarm crutches used to support a patient when one leg is almost entirely non-weight bearing. These crutches are commonly used for short-term purposes such as injuries, post-op weakness and are height adjustable. Before using shoulder crutches, it is important to adjust the crutches to the appropriate height to prevent nerve damage and provide good support.

Designed to provide crucial support for individuals with non-weight-bearing legs. Typically used for short-term purposes such as injuries or post-operative weakness, these crutches offer height adjustability to suit individual needs. Weighing only 0.785kg, they are easy to carry around, ensuring mobility without compromising on support. The metallic ionized blue color and 1.25mm aluminum tubing contribute to the crutches' superior quality, combining durability with an attractive appearance.

Featuring five different height positions, these crutches prioritize stability, providing a secure and comfortable hand grip. Additionally, the nine different height positions allow users to adjust the crutches to their specific height, promoting proper posture. The curved design of the underarm pad further enhances user comfort, making these crutches an ideal choice for those in need of reliable support. In conclusion, the Anzen Aluminium Shoulder Crutches guarantee ultimate safety with slip-resistant rubber tips.


Weighing a mere 0.785kg, these crutches are easy to carry and maneuver, ensuring convenience for users.


Curved designed underarm pad and adjustable height that ensure providing users the maximum support and comfort


Designed with five different height positions, these crutches offer high stability, promoting a confident and supported walking experience.


Crafted with 1.25mm aluminum tubing, these crutches boast durability and longevity.


Ultimate safety is assured with slip-resistant rubber tips and a design focused on stability and support.


Featuring nine different height positions, the crutches can be tailored to suit users of varying heights, promoting proper posture and maximum comfort.

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