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Ugoku Comfort-Pull Wrist Splint With 2 Stays UW-004

Ugoku Comfort-Pull Wrist Splint provides rigid support to injured wrists. The aluminium stay can be interchanged to suit both left or right wrist. Its string closure design allows for quick and easy fastening and the multi-layered construction makes it light and breathable for prolonged wearing comfort. It is ideal for use in wrist recovery, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Offers wrist stabilization in a straight or slightly bent-back position, providing relief from carpal tunnel syndrome aggravated by daily activities. Suitable for both left and right wrists, it features a lightweight, breathable design with a string closure for quick fastening. The high-quality Velcro ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

This splint, with removable spoon stays and flexibility for left or right hand use, provides compression for overstressed wrists, restricts movements, and facilitates fine hand movements. Ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome and post-traumatic support, it combines comfort, washability, and durability for effective daily use.

Multi-layered Construction Design

The wrist splint's construction is multi-layered, ensuring a lightweight and breathable design for extended comfort during wear.

Interchangeable Shaped Aluminum Stay

The splint accommodates both left and right wrists with an interchangeable shaped aluminum stay, providing customized support based on individual needs.

String Closure Design

Featuring a string closure design, the splint allows for swift and easy fastening, enhancing user convenience in daily use.

High-Quality Velcro

The Velcro closures are of high quality, ensuring a firm and comfortable fit to support the wrist effectively.

Suitable for Both Right and Left Hand

The splint is designed to cater to both right and left hands, offering versatility and convenience for users with wrist-related issues.

Provides Compression for Weak or Overstressed Wrists

The splint delivers compression, making it effective for weakened or overstressed wrists, offering relief during daily activities.

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