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Petite Buddy P1

Tailor your standard Showerbuddy chair for petite users with the Petite-Buddy P1 adapter. This innovative solution guarantees an ideal fit for smaller individuals, boasting a reduced width between armrests (295mm or 11.5"), a compact commode opening cushion, and an adjustable neck pillow. Embrace cost-effective adaptability without compromising on user comfort. The Petite-Buddy P1 adapter ensures a chair that grows with the user, making it a smart investment for long-term usability and satisfaction.

The Petite-Buddy P1 adapter, a remarkable accessory that allows standard Showerbuddy chairs to be customized and sized to suit smaller users without compromising on functionality. This innovative adapter offers a cost-effective solution for users who require a smaller chair size while also providing the flexibility to accommodate their growth over time. By including the P1 (PU foam) cushion, armrests, and backrest structure, the Petite-Buddy P1 adapter ensures a comfortable and secure seating experience tailored to the needs of petite users.

The key advantage of the Petite-Buddy P1 adapter lies in its ability to grow with the user, eliminating the need for costly chair upgrades over time. As the user's needs change and they require a larger chair size, the adapter can be adjusted and modified accordingly, saving on unnecessary expenses. This cost-effective feature makes the Petite-Buddy P1 adapter an excellent long-term investment for individuals who require a chair that can adapt to their changing needs.

The adapter is designed with several specific features to cater to the requirements of smaller users. The reduced width between armrests ensures a more comfortable and secure fit, allowing users to transfer in and out of the chair with ease. Additionally, the smaller commode opening cushion provides optimal support and positioning for petite users during toileting routines, enhancing their comfort and promoting independence.

In conclusion, the Petite-Buddy P1 adapter is a valuable accessory for standard Showerbuddy chairs, offering a solution for smaller users who require a customized chair size. With its ability to grow with the user, it eliminates the need for costly chair upgrades over time, providing a cost-effective solution. The adapter's features, such as reduced width between armrests, a smaller commode opening cushion, and an adjustable neck pillow, ensure optimal comfort and support for petite users during transfers and toileting routines.

Target Group
Children and small users
Post Surgery or Injury Recovery
Disabled Individuals
Individuals with mobility impairment
Temporary users

PureTech Jr. + Performance

Incorporates the latest advancements and features available in the industry. In order to deliver optimal performance, convenience, comfort, and hygiene through innovative design

Comfort Fit Pro

Designed to fit small users offers several advantages, in terms of comfort, safety, and accessibility. This type of wheelchair is crafted with smaller dimensions to ensure an optimal fit for smaller body sizes.

PersonalizePro Tech

Offers a high level of customization and adaptability. Users are able to customize the armrest, footrests, backrest and neck rest to suit their preference. This allows users to create an optimal seating experience.

PermaLux Frame Protection

Showerbuddy is built with Zero-Rust Aluminium Frame (Grade 6061 T6) and stainless-steel parts and hardware (Grade 304). Lifetime warranty for Showerbuddy’s frame is assured.


Instead of purchasing a new wheelchair, individuals can explore various accessories to enhance their existing equipment by adding specialized cushions, backrests, armrests, or footrests to improve comfort and support.


Chair Width - inside arms 11.61"
Chair Length - excluding footrests 22.44"
Backrest Cushion Width - 11.02"
Backrest Height from Cushion to top - 18.11" - 20.08" (adjustable)
Seat Cushion Dimensions - 17.09" width x 14.96" length

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