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The Moven Electric Hospital Bed 3-function Ultra-low is an adjustable bed designed for home care or hospitals. It has three electric motors for adjusting the height, backrest, and knerest. The ultra-low function allows the bed to go lower than standard beds, reducing the risk of fall injuries.

The Moven Electric Hospital Bed 3-function Ultra-low is designed to provide comfort and safety for patients in need of home care or hospital stays. This versatile bed boasts three powerful electric motors for effortless adjustments. The height can be lowered significantly compared to standard beds, minimizing the risk of serious injuries from falls. Additionally, the backrest and kneerest can be electronically adjusted using the user-friendly handheld control, promoting optimal positioning for relaxation, sleeping, or even eating. This electric bed prioritizes user independence with its easy-to-use controls and promotes overall well-being through comfortable positioning.

Safety and stability are paramount with the Moven Electric Hospital Bed. The ultra-low height feature not only reduces fall risks but also makes it easier for caregivers to assist patients with transfers. The bed frame is constructed from durable, powder-coated steel for longevity and supports a maximum weight capacity of 240kg. Detachable head and footboards allow for easy access and customization, while collapsible aluminum alloy railings provide ample protection against accidental falls.

Adjustable Back Section

The Moven bed's back section is electronically adjustable with a maximum tilt angle of 80 degrees. This allows users to comfortably sit upright in bed for eating, reading, or watching TV.

Remote Handset

For easy and convenient control, the Moven Electric Hospital Bed 3-function Ultra-low comes with a remote handset. This handset allows you to adjust all the bed's functions and movements, including height, backrest, and knee section. This eliminates the need for manual cranking and makes adjustments effortless for users and caregivers.

Power Coated Steel Bed Platform

The Moven Electric Hospital Bed 3-function Ultra-low prioritizes patient safety and stability. It features a Power Coated Steel Bed Platform for superior durability and a heavy-duty frame that can support up to 240kg. This combination ensures the bed can accommodate a wide range of users while providing excellent strength and stability.

Adjustable Knee Section

The Moven Electric Hospital Bed 3-function Ultra-low offers an adjustable knee section with a bending function. This function helps to relieve pressure on the entire leg, improving comfort and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. By bending the knees slightly, the bed helps to improve circulation and prevent skin breakdown. This is especially important for those who must remain in bed for extended periods.

Adjustable Bed Height

The Moven Electric Hospital Bed 3-function Ultra-low is designed with caregivers in mind. Featuring an adjustable electric bed height, the bed can be easily raised or lowered to a comfortable working position for caregivers. This reduces strain and fatigue while assisting patients with tasks such as transfers, hygiene care, or administering medication.

Detachable ABS Boards

The Moven Electric Hospital Bed 3-function Ultra-low prioritizes both patient comfort and safety. It features detachable ABS bed boards. ABS is a strong, lightweight plastic that is easy to clean and disinfect, promoting good hygiene. The detachable design allows for easy cleaning under the bed and around the boards. Additionally, the ABS material is naturally stable and anti-collision, reducing the risk of injuries from accidental bumps.

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