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Medi Underpad (75cmx75cm) 10s

Protects bedding and restores your confidence with disposable Medi-underpad that keeps you cleanes and drier throughout the night. It has 5 layered protection that helps protect your bedding, absorb liquids quickly to reduce irritation, and helps you sleep a little bit better knowing you're protected throughout the night.

Medi Underpad (75cmx75cm) offers reliable protection against leaks, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience for both users and caregivers. This highly absorbent pad serves as an effective mattress protector, absorbing fluids and minimizing odors. Whether used in long-term care facilities, hospitals, or during travel, these disposable underpads contribute to maintaining cleanliness and reducing the need for extensive linen laundry.

The convenience extends beyond healthcare settings, making them a practical solution for protecting furniture at home and even automobile seats during journeys. Experts recommend their use at baby changing stations for a clean and soft surface, ensuring the baby's safety.

High Absorbency

Infused with super absorbency gel, ensuring 100% absorption for a secure experience.

Embossed Channel Design

Facilitates fast liquid distribution, ensuring super quick drying and enhanced efficiency.

Waterproof PE Film Backsheet

Provides a leak-proof barrier, preventing mess and ensuring a clean environment.

Large Size (75cm x 75cm)

Convenient dimensions for versatile use, offering extensive coverage.

Hypoallergenic Top Layer

The non-woven top layer is gentle on sensitive and thin skin, promoting comfort.

Multi-Purpose Use

Ideal for individuals with bladder control issues, protecting furniture, and serving as a cover for diaper changing stations.

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