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BMATE Steel Economy Standard Wheelchair 20 inch BB358AJ-20-46

The BMATE Steel Economy Standard Wheelchair is a dependable choice for everyday mobility. Its sturdy steel frame offers lasting durability, while the standard 20-inch wheels and comfortable seating make it ideal for daily tasks or short trips. This budget-friendly option prioritizes functionality at an accessible price point

The BMATE Steel Economy Standard Wheelchair isn't just a medical device; it's a key that unlocks your ability to navigate your daily world with confidence and ease. Designed with affordability and practicality at its core, this wheelchair becomes your reliable companion for everyday activities.

BMATE's brilliance lies in its ability to seamlessly blend affordability with functionality. It recognizes that seeking a basic wheelchair solution shouldn't mean compromising on quality. This wheelchair strikes a perfect balance, making it an accessible option for many who prioritize budget-consciousness without sacrificing essential features.

Lightweight Steel Frame

The BMATE's lightweight steel frame, weighing only 13.5 kg, makes maneuvering a breeze. Effortlessly self-propel, navigate tight spaces, and enjoy smooth transfers. Plus, the lighter weight allows for hassle-free lifting, transport, and storage, making every adventure convenient.

Dual Brake System

The BMATE's dual brake system provides double the security with hand brakes and loop brakes. This allows for precise control by users with full hand function and easy stopping for those with limited hand strength, making every ride safe and worry-free.

4 Layer Adjustable Angle Footrest

The BMATE's 4-layer adjustable footrest lets you personalize your comfort. Find the perfect angle to reduce fatigue, improve posture, and make transfers easier. This feature is a game-changer for all-day comfort and functionality.

20 inch solid wheel

The BMATE's 20-inch solid wheels are virtually indestructible, ensuring a smooth, worry-free ride. Say goodbye to punctures and hello to reliable mobility on any terrain, indoors or outdoors. These low-maintenance wheels are perfect for users who prioritize durability and convenience.

6 inch PU Front Caster

The BMATE's 6-inch PU casters conquer bumps and uneven surfaces with ease. These shock-absorbing wheels ensure a smooth ride and superior control, letting you navigate indoors or outdoors with confidence

Breathable Seat Cushion

The BMATE's breathable seat cushion allows air to circulate, reducing heat and moisture build-up. This means drier, happier rides and improved skin health, especially for extended use.

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