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The BMate Aluminum Reciprocating Walker offers increased mobility and support for those recovering from injuries or needing extra stability. This walker is ideal for individuals undergoing rehabilitation, stroke recovery, or with weak lower limbs.

Regaining your confidence and independence is easier with the BMate Aluminum Reciprocating Walker. This innovative walking aid provides exceptional support and versatility for those recovering from injuries, managing lower limb weakness, or simply seeking enhanced stability. Crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminum, the BMate walker offers exceptional durability while remaining easy to maneuver.

The BMate's true innovation lies in its "reciprocating" functionality. Unlike standard walkers, the BMate allows you to switch between a fixed and a moving base. The fixed mode offers maximum stability, ideal for those who require extra support. For those progressing in their recovery, the reciprocating mode, adjustable with "E Clips," mimics a natural walking pattern. This promotes a smoother gait and greater freedom of movement, facilitating rehabilitation and building confidence as you move forward.

One-Touch Release Button

The BMATE Aluminum Reciprocating Walker is a mobility aid designed for users who need extra stability and support. One of its key features is a one-touch release button, which allows for easy folding and storage. This makes it convenient for users who need to transport their walker frequently.

Durable Aluminium Tubing

The BMATE Aluminum Reciprocating Walker is a sturdy mobility aid made with durable aluminum tubing. It can support users weighing up to 100kg, making it a great option for those who need a reliable walking aid.

8 Adjustable Height Positions

The BMATE Aluminum Reciprocating Walker offers customized comfort with 8 adjustable height positions. This allows users to set the walker at a height that best suits their needs, promoting proper posture and a more comfortable gait.

Double Horizontal Bar

The BMATE Aluminum Reciprocating Walker features a double horizontal bar for enhanced stability. This double bar design provides additional support and confidence for users who require extra balance assistance while walking.

Eva Ergonomic Anti-Slip Handle

The BMATE Aluminum Reciprocating Walker boasts comfortable, sweat-resistant handles. Made with EVA ergonomic anti-slip material, these grips provide a secure and pleasant experience during use.


The BMATE Aluminum Reciprocating Walker is a lightweight mobility aid weighing only 2.3kg, making it convenient to carry and use on the go.

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