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BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches are crutches designed for short-term use, typically for injuries or post-operative weakness.

BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches are underarm crutches designed to provide mobility and support for individuals with short-term walking limitations, such as those recovering from injuries, surgery, or experiencing joint pain. Constructed from a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame, these crutches offer a weight capacity of up to 100kg.

For optimal comfort and proper posture, BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches feature 9 adjustable height positions. The ergonomic grip handles and curved underarm pads ensure a secure and comfortable fit, while the slip-resistant rubber tips provide enhanced stability and traction on various surfaces. These crutches are a great option for those seeking a reliable and adjustable mobility aid during their recovery.

Durable Aluminium

BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches are made from a durable aluminium frame, making them lightweight yet sturdy for users up to 100kg. This ensures reliable support during short-term mobility limitations caused by injuries, post-surgery weakness, or joint pain.

9 Adjustable Height Position

BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches offer 9 adjustable height positions, allowing for a perfect fit and proper posture. This adjustability is ideal for users of varying heights ensuring optimal comfort and support.

Ultra Comfort

BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches boast ultra comfort with their curved underarm pad. This ergonomic design cradles the underarm area, reducing pressure and friction for a more comfortable user experience.


BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches are incredibly lightweight at only 0.8kg, making them effortless to carry and maneuver.

Anti-Slip Rubber Tip

BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches feature anti-slip rubber tips for enhanced safety. These grippy tips provide superior traction on various surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Accommodates Various Needs

BMate Aluminium Shoulder Crutches are versatile mobility aids that can accommodate various needs making them suitable for individuals recovering from bone fractures, knee injuries, or post-operative weakness.

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