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Apex Nebulizer Mobi Mesh | Portable Nebulizer Set

APEX Mobi Mesh is an innovative, lightweight nebulizer combines the best of everything you want-small size, virtually silent, easy to use, and fine particles size that runs and operates anywhere. It is an ideal for use In children and it may "Put Easy Respiratory in your Hands Anytime".

Apex Nebulizer Mobi Mesh is an innovative, lightweight nebulizer combines the best everything you want. It is small size, portable, silent, easy to use and fine particle size that runs and operates anywhere. It is ideal for use for children. Providing easy respiratory care at all times.

If you live with a lung condition, you may inhale medications to clear your airways, relieve your symptoms and prevent flare-ups. Inhaled medications can relieve wheezing, breathlessness and chest tightness. It also help control build-ups of phlegm and mucus.

For most people with lung conditions, especially for people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, using a handheld inhaler is easier and just as effective. But if you live with cystic fibrosis or bronchiectasis, your health care professional may arrange for you to use a nebulizer at home.

Who needs a Nebulizer?
Doctors typically prescribe Apex Nebulizer to people with one of the following lung disorders:
- Asthma
- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
- Cystic fibrosis
- Bronchiectasis

Mesh Technology - Precision in Every Particle (Fine Mist <5µm):

Immerse yourself in the revolutionary Mesh Technology of the Apex Nebulizer Mobi Mesh. This groundbreaking feature crafts a fine mist with particles smaller than 5 microns, ensuring not just medication delivery but precision. The ultra-fine mist permeates deep into the respiratory system, optimizing absorption for enhanced therapeutic outcomes. As you breathe in, envision a stream of meticulously sized particles, tailored for your respiratory well-being.

Lightweight & Handy - Your Featherlight Companion (Only 138 Grams!):

Elevate your respiratory care with the Mobi Mesh's exceptional lightweight design, a mere 138 grams of pure portability. This isn't just about weight; it's about freedom. Imagine carrying your respiratory companion effortlessly, a testament to accessibility wherever life takes you. From travel to daily activities, the Mobi Mesh ensures your respiratory support is seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.

Turbo Mode - Ensuring Uninterrupted Performance Through Deep Cleaning:

Activate Turbo Mode and witness more than just a feature; it's a commitment to sustained performance. Turbo Mode initiates in-depth cleaning, proactively preventing blockages that might compromise the efficacy of your nebulizer. It's a feature designed not just for convenience but for the longevity of your respiratory companion.

Silent Mode - A Symphony of Quiet Nebulization (Low Noise Operation):

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Silent Mode, where low noise meets effective nebulization. This isn't just about reducing noise; it's about creating an environment of calm during your therapy sessions. Whether at home or in public spaces, the Mobi Mesh's Silent Mode ensures a discreet and peaceful respiratory experience.

Inclined Mesh Cup Design - Minimizing Medication Residue for Efficiency:

Experience the intelligent design of the Inclined Mesh Cup, where form meets function. This innovative slope convergence technology minimizes leftover medication, maximizing the efficiency of each therapy session. The Mobi Mesh isn't just a device; it's a commitment to minimizing wastage and ensuring that every drop of medication contributes to your respiratory well-being.

AI Control - Intelligent Shutdown for Safety and Efficiency:

Step into the future with AI Control, an intelligent feature that goes beyond traditional nebulizers. The Mobi Mesh automatically shuts down after 20 minutes of use or when the medical cup is empty. It's not just a nebulizer; it's an intelligent companion prioritizing safety and efficient energy usage. With the Mobi Mesh, you can trust that your respiratory care is in capable and smart hands.

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