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The COM-TENS III is designed to have basic functions, which are especially suitable for initial application. It has fully adjustable parameters and provides temporary relief from acute or chronic pain such as back pain, sports injury, general muscle pain.

Apex Com-TENS III device is a drug free device to relief pain. It is widely used for of muscle and joint problems, as well as many other painful conditions.

Different from other devices, Apex COM-TENS has fully adjustable parameters and provides temporary relief from acute or chronic pain such as back pain, sports injury, general muscle pain and so on. Besides that, it helps to diminish the pain and replacing it with a tingling or massage-like sensation.

What is TENS machine?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. In addition, it is a non-invasive method that uses electrical impulses to stimulate the nerve endings at or near the site of pain. It is a small, battery-operated device that connect to sticky pads called electrodes.

Dual-Channel Precision:

Immerse yourself in a tailored pain relief experience with the Com-TENS III's dual-channel functionality. This innovative design allows users to adjust the intensity independently, providing a personalized approach to different areas of the body. Whether it's a specific muscle group or joint, the dual-channel precision ensures optimal relief where it's needed most.

Versatile Modes of Action:

Customize your pain relief strategy with three distinct modes of action: Burst, Continuous, and Modulation. Each mode is carefully crafted to address specific pain categories, allowing users to choose the most effective setting for their unique needs. From acute discomfort to chronic pain, the Com-TENS III adapts to your pain profile, offering a dynamic and versatile solution.

Time-Efficient Relief:

Introducing a user-friendly preset timer feature, the Com-TENS III simplifies the pain relief process. Choose from 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or continuous operation, providing a controlled and time-efficient experience. This thoughtful addition ensures that your pain management fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

Adaptive Pulse Rate and Width Adjustment:

Fine-tune your pain relief with the Com-TENS III's adjustable pulse rate and pulse width. This adaptive feature empowers users to customize parameters based on the intensity of their pain, maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. Experience a level of control that caters to your unique comfort requirements.

Comprehensive Coverage with Electrode Patches:

Equipped with four electrode patches, the Com-TENS III offers comprehensive coverage for both small and large surface areas. This ensures that users can address pain in various body regions with precision, promoting a holistic approach to pain management. Versatility meets effectiveness with this thoughtful inclusion.

On-the-Go Convenience with Battery Operation:

Liberate yourself from the constraints of cords and power outlets. The Com-TENS III operates using batteries, providing unparalleled convenience for on-the-go pain relief. Use it in any place at home, ensuring that pain management is not limited by location. The device's portability enhances its accessibility, allowing you to experience relief whenever and wherever it's needed.

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