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Anzen Elbow Crutches

Anzen elbow crutches are made of lightweight aluminium for ease of manoeuvrability. This style is often the choice for long-term users with limited mobility due to physical challenges. The elbow crutch requires more upper body strength than an underarm walking crutch but is favoured because it promotes better posture and doesn't rub or put strain on the armpits.

Crafted from lightweight aluminum, providing individuals with a reliable and supportive mobility aid. Also known as forearm crutches, they play a crucial role in redistributing the body's weight from an injured leg or foot to the upper body. These crutches are especially preferred by long-term users facing mobility challenges. Anzen Elbow Crutches require a higher degree of upper body strength compared to underarm walking crutches, making them an excellent choice for users seeking a durable, long-term solution.

The superior quality of Anzen Elbow Crutches is evident in the 1.2mm aluminum tubing, providing extra stability and supporting weights of up to 100kg. Safety is paramount with slip-resistant rubber tips, ensuring a secure grip on various surfaces. The ergonomic grip-handle, coupled with an anti-slip surface, enhances user comfort during prolonged use. Additionally, these crutches offer adjustable height settings, accommodating users of different heights for proper posture and improved stability, making them a versatile and user-friendly mobility solution.


Crafted from lightweight aluminum, these crutches are easy to maneuver and carry.


Ergonomic grip handle designed to provide maximum comfort to users. Stronger grips increase safety and functionalities.


The 1.2mm aluminum tubing provides extra stability, supporting users weighing up to 100kg.


Built to last, these crutches offer durability for long-term use.


Equipped with slip-resistant rubber tips, ensuring a secure grip on surfaces for enhanced safety.

Adjustable Height

Featuring adjustable height settings, these crutches cater to users of different heights, promoting proper posture and improved stability.

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