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Ugoku Therafit Ball BU-1088 / 2088 / 3088 / 4088

Ugoku Therafit Ball is hand exercise ball is ideal to strengthen hand grip, increasing dexterity and improving mobility of the wrist. This hand exercise ball is silicon-based, latex-free squeeze balls provide a cushion textured feel for a pleasant grip when holding it. Ugoku Therafit Ball is also a massage ball that help to relief stress. It is highly recommended for those who used to text often and type extensively or are recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Elevate your hand wellness with the Ugoku Therafit Ball, a multifaceted hand exercise ball designed for comprehensive hand and wrist care. Crafted from silicon-based, latex-free materials, this versatile ball ensures a comfortable and textured grip, making it an ideal companion for strengthening hand grip, enhancing dexterity, and improving wrist mobility.

Beyond its primary role as a hand exercise tool, the Therafit Ball doubles as a stress-relieving massage ball, offering relief for those fatigued from extensive computer or mobile phone use or recovering from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Squeezing this ball not only flexes rigid hands and fingers but also acts as a therapeutic outlet, releasing tension and promoting emotional well-being.

Diverse Density Levels

The Therafit Ball comes in four density levels - extra soft (pink), soft (blue), medium (green), and firm (orange) - allowing users to tailor their exercise or massage experience based on their preferences and needs.

Textured Comfort Grip

Crafted with a cushioned, textured surface, the Therafit Ball provides a pleasant and secure grip during exercises or massages, ensuring a comfortable experience

Stress Relief and Anxiety Reduction

Beyond physical benefits, this versatile ball aids in stress relief and anxiety reduction, making it a holistic solution for hand and emotional well-being.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

Regular use stimulates blood circulation in the forearm, wrist, fingers, and hand, promoting overall hand health and reducing stiffness and joint pain.

Muscle Strength Building

The Therafit Ball facilitates muscle strength building in the fingers, hands, wrist, and forearms, offering a comprehensive approach to hand wellness.

Therapeutic Rebound

The ball's design allows the release of excessive energy during use, providing a therapeutic rebound that contributes to a sense of tranquility and emotional balance.

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