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Roll-inBuddy Solo SB6w

Experience a new dimension of bathroom independence with the SB6w Solo, an advanced option meticulously crafted for users yearning for greater autonomy in their daily routines. Boasting 2x 24” drive wheels, this innovative solution empowers individuals who are both capable and willing to embark on solo bathing adventures, elevating the advantages of Showerbuddy to an unprecedented level of self-sufficiency. Revel in the convenience and freedom of a personalized showering experience, tailor-made to your unique preferences, with the SB6w Solo.

The SB6w shower chair offers a remarkable option that empowers them to take charge of their bathing routine. With its innovative design and features, the SB6w, also known as the Solo, brings the benefits of Showerbuddy to users who are capable and willing to bathe alone.

One of the key features that sets the SB6w apart is its 2x 24" drive wheels. These larger wheels provide enhanced manoeuvrability and allow users to navigate their surroundings with ease. By self-propelling the chair, individuals can move themselves from one area of the bathroom to another, granting them a greater sense of freedom and control. This newfound independence can significantly improve their overall bathing experience, as they are no longer reliant on the assistance of others.

Moreover, the SB6w shower chair still incorporates the safety and convenience features that have made Showerbuddy a trusted brand. It is equipped with essential elements such as locking caster wheels, ensuring stability and security during transfers and showering. The chair's adjustable components allow for customization to meet the specific needs and preferences of the user, enhancing their comfort and safety throughout the bathing process.

In conclusion, the SB6w shower chair, offers a remarkable option for individuals within the Showerbuddy community who have the mobility and capability to self-propel. With its 2x 24" drive wheels, it provides enhanced manoeuvrability and empowers users to navigate the bathroom independently. This chair extends the benefits of Showerbuddy to those who are capable and willing to bathe alone, promoting a sense of independence, dignity, and self-reliance. By incorporating safety features and ensuring durability, the SB6w shower chair is a valuable asset that enables individuals to enjoy a more self-sufficient and fulfilling bathing experience.

Target Group
Post Surgery or Injury Recovery
Disabled Person
Individuals with mobility impairment
Temporary users

SoloMaster Self-manoeuvring

With 2x 24" large rear wheels , users can manoeuvre themselves forward, backward, and turn as needed. This empowers individuals to have control over their own mobility and eliminates the need for constant assistance.

Flip-Ready Armrests

Designed to provide easy access to the seating area, facilitate transfers, and enhance convenience during storage or transportation. This feature promotes independence and inclusivity for wheelchair users.

Advanced Leg Support

The footrests can be adjusted to the desired height, ensuring that the user's feet are properly supported and positioned comfortably. They can be easily removed, allowing for easier transfers in and out of the wheelchair.

PermaLux Frame Protection

Showerbuddy is built with Zero-Rust Aluminium Frame (Grade 6061 T6) and stainless-steel parts and hardware (Grade 304). Lifetime warranty for Showerbuddy’s frame is assured.

PureTech Performance

Incorporates the latest advancements and features available in the industry. In order to deliver optimal performance, convenience, comfort, and hygiene through innovative design


User Weight limit - 136kg
Chair Width - inside arms 18.50"
Chair Length - including footrests 41.73" (32.28" with footrests removed)
Backrest Width - 17.64"
Backrest Height from Cushion to top - 14.96"
Box Gross Weight - 20.8kg

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