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Product Description

Ugoku Arm Sling (Model: UA-012) is used to support injured or fractured arm. It can immobilize forearm and elbow, thus helps to reduce pain. At the same time, it keeps your arm in the optimal position. With soft, breathable, durable polyester material, it can prolong wearing comfort. Besides that, an adjustable shoulder strap supports a cradling pouch for a comfortable, personalized fit that holds your arm in place to minimize motion.

Product Advantages

  • Breathable material to minimize skin irritation

  • Easy adjust with buckle and Velcro strap

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Maintain injured arm in correct position

Size Guide

Circumference of forearm

  • Well Fit: 23cm – 37cm


  • Cotton 52%

  • Polyester 25%

  • Iron 13%

  • Nylon 10%

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