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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Product Description

Ugoku Soft Cervical Collar is 8cm high. It is used to provide soft support to the neck when there is whiplash injury, stiff neck or neck muscle spasms. The cotton material absorbs sweat which allows prolong wearing under maximum comfort.

Product Advantages

  • Ergonomic Design Neck Support

  • Provide Soft Support to the Neck

  • Soft Foam with Stockinette

  • Strong Velcro

  • Firmer and Comfortable to wear

  • Allow Prolong Wearing Under Maximum Comfort

Size Guide

Circumference of Neck

  • XS 30cm ~ 35cm

  • S 35cm ~ 40cm

  • M 40cm ~ 45cm

  • L 45cm ~ 50cm

  • XL 50cm ~ 55cm

  • XXL 55cm ~ 60cm


Nylon 40%

Rubber 28%

Cotton 20%

Spandex 12%

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