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Product Description

Ugoku Adjustable Shoulder Support (Model: US-015) helps to reduce pain and speed up recovery at shoulder area. Thus, it is suitable for patients with shoulder dislocation or instability. It supports the joint and muscles through load sharing. In addition, it provides compression and supports to the acute or chronic shoulder and clavicle.

Product Advantages

  • Elastic neoprene material keeps body heat and improves blood circulation

  • Using premium nylon material, which is lighter, stronger and offers wear resistance

  • Help reduce pain and speed up recovery

  • Provides compression and support to the shoulder and clavicle

Size Guide

Circumference of chest:

  • S: 78 cm – 86 cm

  • M: 84 cm – 92 cm

  • L: 90 cm – 98 cm

  • XL: 96 cm – 106 cm

  • XXL: 104 cm – 112 cm


  • Neoprene 65%

  • Nylon 35%

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