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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Product Description

Ugoku Comfort-Pull Back Brace (MESH) is designed to be a rigid support to stabilize weak lumbar spines. The unique simultaneous roller-pulling construction is strength saving in that the user can easily adjust to the proper compression needed, thus the suitable amount of support to the spine is provided. It is ideal for chronic back pain or patients recovering after surgery.

Product Advantages

  • Mesh Material

  • Unique Back Panels and Thin Slide Plates

  • Simultaneous Roller-Pulling System

  • Strong Velcro

Size Guide

Circumference of Waist

  • S/M - 22” - 33”

  • L/XL - 32” - 43"

  • XXL - 42” - 48”


Nylon 60%

Polyester 21%

PE 10%

Steel 5%

Iron 2%

Copper 2%

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