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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Product Description

Tonimer Panthexyl Spray is recommended for cleansing your blocked nose, suitable for adults and children above 3 years old. It helps to soothe and moisturise nose, its 360° direct spray effectively clears out thick mucus, decongests blocked nose from microbial contaminated cold and relieves allergy symptoms. Thus, you and your sweet one could breathe easier and without obstruction.

Tonimer Panthexyl Spray is packed in advanced packaging with unbreakable bottle to enhance safety and high quality spray jet to ensure effective spray strength.


~100% seawater from Atlantic Ocean

~Rich in oligo elements and mineral salts

~Osmolality, osmolarity and salinity tested

~Market leader of Italy

~Preservatives free


~ It clears a stuffy nose with Hypertonic 800mOsm/kg

~ It reduces bacteria adhesion with Xylitol

~ It has Panthenol for soothing and moisturizing

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