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Product Description

Tonimer Nasal Aspirator is a nose suction device. You can use to create suction and safely suck out mucus. Therefore, it gently removes nasal secretions of newborn and children, thus your sweet one could breathe easier and without obstruction. Good choice for parents. It helps to clear blocked nose, reduces discomfort from flu condition and prevent upper respiratory infections caused by flu.

Tonimer Nasal Aspirator comes with flatten mouth piece design which can let mummy have complete control suction power. Most importantly, it creates suction that safely clear your baby’s nose. Thus, baby and children can breathe without obstruction. Features:

~100% seawater from Atlantic Ocean

~Rich in oligo elements and mineral salts

~Osmolality, osmolarity and salinity tested

~Market leader of Italy

~Preservatives free


~ Comfortably fit baby’s nostril to clear blocked nose

~ Reduces discomfort from flu condition

~ Prevent upper respiratory infections caused by flu

~ Replaceable soft silicon spout with filter for better hygiene

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