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Choosing the right ripple mattress for your love ones

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

"I feeling fear because of my bedsore dressing done or daily body cleaning becomes worse when my bedsore getting worsen and not healing. My tears falling each time when my dressing done. I couldn't sleep at night as well because of the pain at the sore site. When will this suffering come to an end?"

Last month, a customer looking for wound dressings which suitable for her mother's bedsore. The customer told me the complaints of her mother as above. Her mother got stressed every time during dressing change and unable to sleep for some time because of her bedsore pain. After some chatting, surprisingly, I found out that the customer does not know about the appropriate prevention measures of bedsore. She was only informed on the ways to take care of bedsore wound but not the prevention of the formation or worsening of bedsore wound. After counseled for the preventive measures of bedsore, the customer agreed to try on ripple mattress with two hourly repositioning method on her mother.

Yesterday, the customer walk in again to our pharmacy and thanked for the suggestions on using ripple mattress with two hourly repositioning technique to prevent bedsores for her mother. Her mother's condition improved and now no longer in pain. Although her mother's wound has nearly recovered, she has lived with the discomfort and pain for more than three months. It was entirely avoidable and something that no one should have to go through this. I really hope that what has happen to my customer's mother doesn't happen to anyone else.

It is sad to see our loved ones being bedridden for a long time, suffers from bedsores and we are totally clueless on how to help them. Ripple mattress is not the normal hospital mattress as expected by many. Ripple mattress is specially designed for those with pressure ulcers (also known as bedsores or pressure sores) and those who want to prevent bedsore due to long term bedridden. Bed sores are formed when a body part is under pressure for a long time due to sitting or bedridden. Bedsores are commonly occur in those with low mobility or with poor skin integrity. Repositioning is a widely accepted technique to distribute the pressure and prevent bedsore of people at risk. However, repositioning alone is insufficient to prevent bedsores because pressure relief on one side of the body could cause pressure on the other side. Therefore, ripple mattress plays an important role here to complement the two hourly repositioning method in preventing bedsores. Choosing the correct ripple mattress is crucial to minimize the patient’s discomfort and improves their quality of life.

A ripple mattress is designed to increase comfort for those with bedsores. Ripple mattress is able to provide high level of supports for the head and body to relieve pressures on the pressure points. Ripple mattress is different from regular hospital beds because they contains air-pockets that may relieve pressure on the main pressure points in the body which bedsores commonly occur.

The figure showed the pressure point when patient is lying down. These pressure points are prone to bedsores if not taken care off.

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