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Apex Domus 2 Ripple Mattress for bedridden patients

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Bed sore (or commonly known as pressure injury) is one of the most difficult health issues encountered among elderly patients and is common among those on long term bedridden on wheelchair. The condition of bed sore not only been described as a skin problem but also as a major health issues because bed sore involves not only pain but also affecting the sufferer’s quality of life. Curing of bed sore is difficult, especially in some high risk patients, but prevention is possible. The simplest method is the use of ripple mattress, coupled with frequent turning method of bedridden patients for at least every 2 hours. Pressure-relieving at the site with bed sore is the core principle in the care of bed sore. Turning the bedridden patients every 2 hourly is also a hard work for the caregivers. Hence, The Apex Domus series has come out with the Apex Domus 2 ripple mattress, designed with the aim to relieve the bed sore by having air-filled tubes to equalize the pressure over the entire of area of contact and thus causing a great improvement of bed sore over the conventional mattress.

Apex Domus 2


Apex Domus 2 ripple mattress is a type of tube-type ripple mattress that is designed for the prevention and as a supportive treatment of patients at low to medium risk of bed sore. It is a type of ripple mattress with a series of contagious, horizontally aligned inflatable tubes. A machine pump repeatedly inflates and deflates the tubes in an alternating pattern. Therefore, the patients is supported first by the even-numbered tubes and then by the odd-numbered tubes, and no area is continuously weight-bearing. During sleeping, bedridden patients normally change their sleeping positions from 20 to 40 times a night. This adds on the labour of the caregivers. The technology of the Apex Domus 2 mimics the natural sleep movement patterns of patients and avoid long term pressurization of tissue. This adds on an extra advantage of reducing disturbance to the patient due to shifting by carer and reduce the workload of the caregivers.

What APEX ripple mattress included in the box:

1. tube-type mattress

2. pressure-adjustable pump

3. air hose

4. power cable

5. puncture repair kit