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Apex Domus 1 Ripple Mattress

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Bedsore (or commonly known as pressure injury or pressure ulcer) is one of the most difficult problems encountered among elderly patients and is common among those on long term bedridden on wheelchair. The condition of bedsore is better to be described as a major health issues rather than a simple skin problems because bedsore involves not only pain but also affecting the sufferer’s quality of life. Indeed, bedsore is a major problem in the clinical medicine field as bedsore itself may be the causing factor to other more severe problems or sometimes the causing factor of bedsore is commonly neglected by carers although correctable. Since bedridden or wheelchair bound patients are constantly under pressure at certain part of the body, it is not surprising that bedsore may arise in a short time, as little as an hour of inactive. Once the bedsore occur, healing may be retarded by several factors, such as malnourish, ageing and incorrect nursing technique.

Prevention from bedsore, although difficult in some high-risk patients, is much easier than curing of bedsore. The simplest method is the use of ripple mattress, coupled with frequent turning method of bedridden patients for at least every 2 hours. Pressure-relieving at the site with bedsore is the core principle in the care of bedsore. Turning the bedridden patients every 2 hourly is also a hard work for the caregivers. Hence, The Apex Domus 2 ripple mattress series has come out with the Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress, designed with the aim to relieve the bedsore by having air-filled bubbles to equalise the pressure over the entire of area of contact and thus causing a great improvement of bedsore over the conventional mattress.

Apex Domus 1 Ripple Mattress


Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress is a type of medical ripple mattress that made up of a compact alternating pressure pad, which is composed of 2.5”-height bubble cells. The Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress designed to be user friendly and easy for installation.

Advantage of using Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress:

1. The Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress is foldable and easy for storage.

2. The Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress is light-weight (around 2.3 kg) which ease for transfer. Hence, the Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress is used as an alternative for heavier products such as gel overlay mattresses.

3. The Apex Domus 1 is ripple mattress great for short term usage and easy to install. The Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress is also easy to set up, just connect the hoses from the pump to the mattress, plug it into a power source and switch ON. Then, The Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress is ready to be used.

4. With a pressure adjustable pump and extension flaps on top and bottom sides of the bubble pad to prevent the pad from sliding, the Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress is designed to be a great transition mattress for homecare.

5. The silent pump of the Apex Domus 1 ripple mattress also ensures your loved ones to have a comfortable sleep.