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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Product Description

Anzen Mini Gym Bike is designed for low impact rehabilitation and exercise. Anzen Mini Gym Bike with digital display that shows exercise time duration, calories consumed, cycles and revolutions per minute. With adjustable level of resistance to increase or decrease the effort required to use the Anzen Mini Gym Bike. It is lightweight and can be fold easily for ease of storage and transportation, features four anti-slip rubber pads on the feet to prevent sliding and to protect surfaces. Anzen Mini Gym Bike is particularly useful for patients recovering from trauma or disease that affect motor ability.


1. Adjustable Resistance

Easily adjust the resistance level with the tension knob to personalize for yourself. This digital pedal exerciser offers low-impact exercise for arm and leg muscles.

2. Functional Digital Monitor

Digital screen displays exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute (RPM), calories burned and resetting button. This allows exercise information data to be organized easily.

3. Unique Foldable Design

The office workout equipment exercise bike convenient for carry and store. Space-saver, can fold up and unfold easily fitting under a desk or similar space.

4. Personalized Exercise Experience

Designed for knee and shoulder recovery exercise or leg and arm light cycling exercise. Take it easily with you as under desk bike.

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