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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Product Description

AgBac Nano Silver Disinfectant contains Nano Silver Ion which is effective to kill 99.99% of germs. It offers 24 hours superior protection against bacterias, viruses and fungi. This one-press convenient disinfectant spray creates fine droplets for effective wide coverage of sterilized environment. It is quick drying, rinse-free and leave no sticky residue. As AgBac Nano Silver Disinfect contains no alcohol, it is ideal to use as sanitizer for all types of surfaces, deodorizer as well as surface disinfectant at home, school and workplace.

*NOT to use with fogging machine

Product Advantage

· Nano Silver Ion: Effective to kill 99.9% germs

· Rinse free

· Non-sticky

· Alcohol-free

· Odourless

· Quick drying

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